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About Design & Interfaces / Artist Beautifully [torn] by y.o.uFemale/United States Recent Activity
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-Teardrops on the Pavement-
The moon reflected off of her radiant skin, the seeping light almost seeming hollow. Her wearisome footsteps came to a halt. Breathing only made the agonizing silence louder. Echoing through the deserted tunnels in her mind. How she wished she could crawl into the silence and never return, to cease to exist. She felt his familiar touch on her shoulder and didn't want to turn around. Didn't want to feed her mind another image of his face to haunt her with. The silky breeze caressed the strands of her hair as he said her name. Her name had never sounded so perfect. The rhythm of his voice flowing lightly from his lips, the lips she had known more intimately than anything else in this world. She wanted to keep walking as she felt the stinging tears in her eyes. Why was he doing this to her? Wasn't one goodbye enough? The goodbye? Goodbye. That word had never as much to her as it did on this night. She never knew one word could cut her so deeply, down to her very soul. She heard his
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The Name on the Shower Door
sliding her finger
across the glass
she writes his name
through the steam
on the inside
of the shower door
'i love you'
it says.
'why did you have to leave me?'
she whispers; words drowned out
by the hiss
of the hot water
racing from the shower head;
falling. hot tears falling;
water dripping
down her pink cheeks
she sinks to the floor,
choking on the thick
steam; she cant see.
her long brown hair
drenched and weighed down
stuck to her body; covering her eyes
she cant see
it hurts to breathe
'why did you have to leave me?'
gasping for oxygen
grasping for answers
huddled in a corner.
and shes crying; sobbing
calling out his name
for no one to hear
The hot water beats down on her
reddening skin
merciless drops of clear fluid pound over
her scars
her naked body
until she cant feel it anymore
until all the pain feels the same.
and the water is turned off
and the name on the door is wiped away
:iconmoonlightpoet1:moonlightpoet1 2 15
Crush On You
We meet often..
and when you pass by me,
I always say hello.
We talk often..
and when you share with me,
I always listen intently.
We laugh often..
and when you smile at me,
I always smile back.
We stare often..
and when you look at me,
I always start blushing.
We part often..
and when you must leave me,
I always feel alone.
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in the name of myself
And it's hard to learn when you think that you know
And it's hard to cover the scars that don't show
And it shouldn't be that easy to just say goodbye
And you shouldn't dismiss it as "oh well i tried"
Because even pessimists like me get something out of life
And i know that you're beaten but you've got to keep trying
And you said that you'd never be happy again
But you know that you lied
Because sometimes its easy to sink to the floor
And pretend that you just don't exsist anymore
And you let them step on you but you're not a rug
And you can't brood forever just fishing for hugs
Because you know the pains of a thousand years
And even the nicest people don't sound sincere
And it's a shame that you learned at such an early age
The feeling of loathing the turning page
:iconahopefulregret:ahopefulregret 2 4


Nayade by slaine Nayade :iconslaine:slaine 1,580 419



Beautifully [torn] by y.o.u
Artist | Design & Interfaces
United States
Current Residence: CT
Favourite genre of music: Alt. Rock
Wallpaper of choice: Kurt Cobain...::sigh::
Favourite cartoon character: Peter from Family Guy
Personal Quote: Some things you lose and some things you just give away... [[JOJ]]
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wow I really like your avatars!!! Will you make some more fall out boy ones please? I love em!!! :D
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I love your avatars to bits! I would love to learn how to make them? What programme do u use to make them?Any tips?
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